Security Consultation and Services

It does not matter how long is your journey. It does not matter what kind of mission you will undergo either. What matters is your security. Anytime, anywhere, you need to be secured because your life is so precious. Seek for a security consultation. Private Investigation Service Japan provides confidential consultation and precise investigation and credible services. We are going to assess your situation and propose an investigation process in line with your budget, demand and circumstance.

Why do you need a private investigator or detective? When do you need to hire a private investigator? A hired private investigator makes your case their priority and keeps you informed. They will act as your liaison to dig up the secrets or information you want to know.


Here are the reasons you need to hire a private detective. If you want something to be investigated but you want to keep it privately.  Is your spouse cheating? Has your child become a drug user or pusher? Are your employees stealing? Are they having inside jobs? Seeking for a child’s custody, compiling evidence for divorce and more.

Is there a breach of contract occurring? Are the clients or any other individuals concerned stealing? Private investigation services are essential also when hiring applicants or employees such as housekeepers and other employees for long term positions. How credible they are to be entrusted with your properties within the house. Computer forensics. What happened to the business computer, the databases? What are they trying to hide, what information were deleted?

Private Investigation Service Japan provides a full service, coverage and attention, photographic proof of surveillance, GPS tracking (speed, stops, location) and so on.