Looking closer at Japan: the record of its crime rate

Many travellers are now being cautious and want to travel to a safe place as we can hear and read in the news about the wars, crimes and kidnapping that are happening worldwide. It is better to be cautious and choose carefully the place to visit to avoid future problems. We cannot avoid 100% but at least we can lessen the circumstances of being caught up in the war or crime. If you will choose to travel to japan then it can assure you of your high chance of safety as it is a country that has the description as one of the place that is considered safe in the world.

To support this good reputation we will look into the nation’s crime rate and prove the statement above. Let us begin in the side of homicide. The rate Japan has is low having .83 rate based on 100,000 people in a year calculation. Let us compare it to other country like Germany (.81) and Norway (.68). The surprising thing is the United States has 4.8 rate. It is high as five times more than Japan. That is one example to illustrate that Japan is a safe place to travel. Have a healthy and clean environment. With the help of this deworming company, check this page 消毒公司. They might help our environment to reduce pests manifestation.

Even though japan has a low homicide crime rate it is different with bicycle theft. Bicycle is one mode of transportation in Japan. The good thing is police has the record of recovering the fifty percent of the stolen bikes. Most people who visit Japan consider it as safe nation and you can click this link for a safe site to explore.