How to Reveal Crime Scenes

Let’s say you have to reveal a crime scene that you witnessed or even noticed. How would you reveal these? Look into the details below.

  1. Collect physical evidence- First, you have to collect evidence that you can use to prove a crime a scene. Here are the evidence that you may take depending what kind of crime scene that is.
  • latent print evidence like fingerprints, palm prints, foot prints
  • footwear and tire track evidence
  • biological evidence like blood, hair, body fluids, and other tissues

  • trace evidence like vegetation, soil, glass fragments, and fiber
  • digital evidence like CCTV records, Internet logs, cell phone records, email messages
  • tool and tool mark evidence
  • firearm evidence
  • drug evidence
  1. Do something about the evidence that you have by doing one of the things below depending on the kind of the suspected crime.
  • Photograph and document the scene
  • Collect trace materials (especially from probable points of entry)
  • Collect low-level DNA evidence by swabbing areas of likely contact
  • Collect other items that may contain biological evidence

  • Locate and collect latent fingerprints
  1. Report the crime scene to the Investigators you have around your area. Give them the evidence that you have. Make sure that you do this secretly for your security and safety. You might be subjected to a crime too. You must be also there to testify what you know as stand as a witness to a crime committed. Do not be afraid to reveal something since you are doing it for yourself and others.