Private investigator in practice: the movie miracle in cell number 7

Most of the people love movies switching from many kinds as long as they want to watch it. One of the movies that have touched many hearts and produced conversations and reviews is the one titled miracle in cell number 7. It is a very nice movie that has comedy and drama in it that gives viewers lessons to learn from it. In connection to our website subject we will see the investigative part of it.

As the story shows the incorrect conviction of a father for the crime that he did not commit, there is an injustice done in it. As we can see that sometimes high position person like the father of the dead child can gain influence and impose what they want, the role of an investigator is very important and he must not be biased. Investigators should do their part to provide the correct facts and events that happened for a crime to be solved correctly. As we see in the ending, her daughter has provided evidences to prove that her father is innocent.

That is one duty of an investigator. They are the one who should have credibility to provide the correct and exact findings on whatever they are tasks to investigate. They should have the oath of confidentiality also. They have the privilege to use many kinds of resources so they must do their work well to provide justice.